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I used to be in academics (math professor) and relied on having a personal webpage hosted by the university. The last university I worked at, however, had a terrible centralized content management system and didn't provide any resources to host personal sites. So last year I bought this domain and switched to hosting my own site at Blue Host. I've moved on since then and currently work in industry where having a personal webpage hosted by the company would be very out of the ordinary. So it seems more relevant than ever to host and maintain my own site.

The site is a static site generated by a very nice Haskell package called Hakyll. The main attraction of Hakyll for me is that I can write content in markdown, HTML, latex, reStructured text, etc (any format that the pandoc library can parse) and the content is transformed into HTML through a set of simple templates. I can put all my content under version control using git, generate and preview the site locally, and use git push to publish the site to my host. Notably, there is no bulky blog software (wordpress, etc) or content management software sitting in the middle complicating things. I can write and manage everything in plain text and on the command line.

Anyway, if you are reading this, I hope you find something useful here and please drop me a line if you have any thoughts, suggestions, or questions about the site.


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