I've been contributing to Sage for several years now and I thought I'd put together a summary of the features and fixtures I've been a part of.

4102: make bessel_J symbolic

This is the most recent contribution I've made. The goal was to make the top-level Bessel functions provided by Sage into symbolic functions. This allows symbolic manipulations to be done with Bessel functions while still being able to do high precision numerical work with them. See GiNaC and Pynac.

11143: define symbolic functions for exponential integrals

Another big symbolic functions push to get all the exponential integrals into the symbolics system.

11888: Sage is missing the lambert_w function

Addition of a new symbolic function, the Lambert W function.

8973: surf does not build (gcc 4.4.4)

Fixed some build system problems with the surf package that provides visualizations of algebraic curves.

12455: Make Airy functions symbolic

Another ordinary function to symbolic function upgrade, this time for the Airy functions.

9744: implicit_plot fill option fills entire plot

A bug fix with a lot of examples and doctests added.

10744: Add Demazure character for elements in WeightRing and plotting for rank 2 root systems

This was a ticket I created to add a bunch of root system code to Sage. It probably should have been two tickets, one for the Demazure character, and one for the plotting issue. The ticket died over disagreements about plotting part of the code.

10368: spherical coordinates should allow specifying an 'elevation' angle as an alternative to the 'inclination' angle

This was my first real contribution, adding an option to 3d-coordinate transformations.


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