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The technology community in Portland OR is pretty strong. Stronger than you might think if you've been living in the mid-west and east for the last many years. It seems that a lot of people who are fed up with California -- the Bay Area startups, the suburban hell of silicon valley, the completely disfunctional state and local governments -- are slowly migrating northward. I work with a bunch of people who at one time were in the tech sector in California and now live in or around Portland.

I think Portland has a lot going for it, community wise. People here seem to understand how to effectively organize themselves towards a common purpose even thought they've never met, lead very different lifestyles, and come from very different parts of the country (or other countries for that matter).

I just discovered Calagator "Portland's Tech Calander". This got me thinking about how awesome it is to have a large diverse community of people in your city doing similar kinds of things and being really excited about what they do. Calagator is a sort-of calender agreggator for all kinds of tech related groups, everything from informal programming meetups, seminar series, ping pong and movie nights for nerds, hacker-space events, and full blown conferences (and unconferences for that matter).

Some random high-profile tech companies in Portland that I've heard people around here talking about:

(@) Galois (shameless plug) (@) Panic (really nice OS X software) (@) Jan Rain (fellow Haskellers, and just look at their client list) (@) New Relic (nerd life?) (@) Jive (their hive is around the corner from my office) (@) oh yeah, that little hardware company, Intel (which is the largest private employer in Oregon)


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